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Since playing Roulette online I must have used tons of paper trying to log information down, in the end I got this program created to assist in making fast decisions. When to bet is the key to coming out ahead with chips. Lots of people are selling programs out there and the question is: Do they Work?

The ones I have tried do not work

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This Program will


  • Record spin data – You can now learn more by studying passed results. This will save every session.
  • Informs you when to bet – This is a visual prompt
  • Shows last 100 spins – Handy if you need to see when the last repeater was spun
  • Save option – If you need to look back on stats
  • Shows percentages
  • Full details of last 10 spins – Shows what French section, Colour,
  • When each number was last seen
  • Possible pairs
  • Streets last seen
  • Lines last seen
  • Over and underperforming numbers
  • Fund tracking
  • Where on the wheel is popular or underperforming – Visual

Betting Guide

  • Instructions on how to bet with pictures
  • Roulette Systems – several tested systems with pictures
  • Betting formula – know what to bet on every spin
  • Chances in % on winning


Please look in the store as we have some Basic learning books. The more advanced Roulette books are not yet advertised in the store however you can contact me directly.

Email: The Roulette Helper

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